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The First Date

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This is a excerpt of Chapter Eight from my upcoming novel, The Cured: Rebirth

Novel Tagline:
Teen discovers a Cure for Cancer & has to make the Ultimate Choice. Save his Love or Save the World.

Main Characters:
William Scott: 15yo boy, spiky black hair, dying of stage four lung cancer.

Emma Ornnam: 15yo best friend & girlfriend of Will.


At long last though the moment had arrived. Will stood atop the hospital's pebble-stoned roof in his favorite jeans, a plain white T and a black blazer loaned from his father. He was entirely ashamed of how loose they all fit on him now causing him to rub his hands together as if to shake away this nervous knot rooted to his body. He looked out below at the city before him where the lights below dazzled with the motion of the cars. Darkness was illuminated in a transcendent way in such fascinating patterns even though that was never the intention. Somehow, someway, the lights of different colors and shapes blended into this melody that he felt compelled to admire. Will remembered the first time he'd been on a plane at night, looking out below and just in complete awe at the perspective he had. The lights of the cities formed these immaculate patterns that seemed almost frozen in time and he wondered for the first time in a long time if this is what God saw when he looked down at them. Whether He marveled the way Will did at the genius of man and the splendid colors that they had created.

His phone beeped that familiar Whatsapp sound announcing what could only mean that Emma was on her way up. He did a final check on his breath, smoothed out his blazer, pushed his oxygen tank behind his leg and stood there practically burning a hole at the place where she was to appear. The staircase door opened and there she was, like something out of a movie. The pearl dress she wore curved with her body in the most sensual way, while the wind blew through her velvet black hair making her tilt her head ever so slightly and close her eyes as if she was enjoying the sensation. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around. Will could only imagine what she saw, the circular white trestle table, two cloches covering the food, an ice bucket with non-alcoholic champagne and a vase in the middle with a single red rose. She clasped her hands over her mouth, “OH my word Will! You did all of this? It's amazing!"

Will shrugged, "I had a lot of help, especially with the heavy lifting."

She came over to hug him, her vanilla scent wafted over the air before she got to him. The hug was tentative like they both felt shy about the whole thing. Will motioned for her to sit down, then proceeded to reveal their dinner in one fluid motion but his grip on the cloche handle was too weak and the thing went sprawling to the pebbles below. He cursed loudly but Emma grabbed his hand, "Wow this looks amazing, forget the silly thing and come sit down. Are those omelets?"

Will sat down still cursing his clumsiness in front of her but he calmed enough to say, "I never told you this but I don't really know how to cook at all."

"What? You? No… neverdays." She had this knowing grin on her face.

"Anyway I do know one thing and that's how to make an omelet, so I stuck to my strengths and viola, dinner is served."

Emma giggled, slicing up a piece and upon her first bite, she moaned into the fork. "This tastes amazing! I don't ever want any other omelet besides this one."

They spent the rest of their meal talking in general, Emma catching Will up on the scandals at schools, laughing over their favorite Theo moments. All the while, Will sat there as if time stretched on endlessly for this moment. He traced every feature she had while she talked to him. As if cataloging everything to keep close to him forever. From those light brown flakes in her emerald eyes, to the way her whole face reacted when she smiled, to the tiny beauty spot below her left eye that made her so damn sexy. When she titled her head to the side it accentuated her eyes in a most sultry way, like some mysterious goddess. Will wanted so badly to tell her all these things, he'd practiced a thousand times. Things like how it felt to have her in his arms or how at peace he felt when she was with him like his insides weren't at war anymore. That she was his best friend and about how connected he felt to her every time he told her about the darkest parts of him. He tried so hard to will his mouth to say this but instead what came out was about the time he farted and blamed her cousin who she didn't talk to for a week after. She laughed so hard that she choked abit on the champagne and didn't that make him feel for her more than ever.

"So Will, I just have to know who was that hooters woman that rocked up here? You've never mentioned any busty, dark-haired friends to me and I would've definitely heard about it from the guys had they known." There was that mischievous grin again.

Will exhaled, "Damn Emma way to throw a guy on the plank. Sheesh well I mean we met awhile back when I was searching for… something and I helped babysit for her while she studied to complete her engineering degree. She's actually fiercely independent, in fact, she almost broke my nose when I first offered to help her study. She takes a lot of night and weekend classes, so the babysitting helped a lot. Then Billy started with the whole 'daddy' thing and I just didn't have the heart to correct him."

Emma nodded, "Oh ok I see, well that all still doesn't mean I have to particularly like her. What's her name?"

"Monique Velasquez."

"Did you sleep with her?"

"What? No, Emma I've told that I haven't slept with anyone yet."

She muttered under her breath pointedly for him to hear, "That's not my fault."

Will couldn't help but smile at the situation, "Jealously looks cute on you Ems."

Emma huffed "Ha! Me, jealous of her? In your dreams Will Scott, in your dreams."

Will put his phone on the table, unlocking it with a swipe and hit play. Thank Sam for his obsession with movie scores. He stood up and held out his hand, "Ems, you're right she and every other women should be completely jealous of how beautiful you look right now. So stand up and come dance with your boyfriend."

She stood up without a word, placing her hands on his biceps and laying her head to rest on his chest as if listening to his heartbeat. Will wrapped his arms around her lower back pulling her close. He let that vanilla scent flow through him freeing every tense muscle in his body. For what seemed like a lifetime they slow danced there in silence just enjoying the music and each other. Emma looked up at him with purposeful eyes, "Will I know that your perspective on things has changed since you were given this unfair burden. I also know that every decision you've made since has been purely driven by how bad your condition is getting. But I need you to promise me something. I need just this one thing."

Will paused as he studied her eyes, they were pleading with him hoping for his answer. He felt gravel in his throat when he answered, "Anything Ems. Anything."

Emma took a deep breath in and he realized just as he had practiced trying to say all those things, she had been practicing saying this, "No more pushing me away, ok? It's us from here on out Will. I can't keep going through you pushing me away whenever things get serious or your condition gets worse. I need you to promise me that for however long this lasts or for however short it is, that we will go through it together. Whether you die tomorrow or whether you get cured, we're in this together. Forget the world, just you and me."

He answered her in the only way that mattered, with a kiss. Their lips touched and the whole world as messy or beautiful as it was, all faded away.

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